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Types of products

Rodzaj mniejszyAt Go4Cake you will find a wide range of different types of cakes, pies, tarts, muffins and other bakery shop products.
Depending on the type of a product it can be sold in:

  • pieces (donuts, eclairs, danishes, mimi-tarts)
  • weight (pies)
  • size (cakes, tarts)

If possible, we present other characteristics of the product, so that the buyer has full information about the ordered bakery item. For example, in case of cakes the available sizes are:

  • 18cm/1kg (for 6 people)
  • 22cm/1,5kg (for 12 people)
  • 26cm/2kg (for 16 people)

We also encourage you to carefully read the product description, in which you can often find additional information about product size or shape.

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